Success Story: Integration of Partners into international Processes with SAP Cloud Platform Services

SBB is now integrating its shop partners into business processes by making sales and frequency analysis data available to merchants, including forecasts and KPIs.

2019-04-08T17:51:00+02:009. August 2018|

SAP Financial Services Data Platform – State-of-the-Art Data Management

Key topic: Modernisation of the application environment

The requirements for granularity of data and frequency of the data preparation and the expected speed are constantly increasing. SAP FSDP constitutes a state of the art solution for data management.
2019-05-03T17:37:17+02:0015. March 2018|

Success Story: Effective corporate management by means of value driver-based reporting

No more time-consuming and incomplete reports! Q_PERIOR implements a value driver-based reporting system based on SAP BW at an Austrian energy supplier, which allows for transparent and flexible corporate management.

2019-04-08T18:37:18+02:0010. May 2017|

Q_PERIOR named leader among SAP HANA vendors

The business and IT consultancy company Q_PERIOR is one of the leading service providers in the field of SAP HANA and S/4HANA. This is the result of the independent study "SAP HANA Vendor Benchmark 2017" conducted by the analysis companies Experton Group and West Trax.

2019-11-25T09:56:04+01:002. November 2016|