Making Data Science Tools reusable
Using Data: “To scale or not to scale?”

Making Data Science Tools reusable
Using Data: “To scale or not to scale?”“

Making Data Science Tools scalable and reusable

Companies are recognizing the increasing relevance of data. Analytics experts, data scientists and software engineers develop applications to accelerate internal processes, predict errors in production processes or offer new customer services.

However, the question of how these tools and programs can be usefully applied beyond the originally pursued use case is usually unsolved. Often there is neither a standard process for reuse and scaling nor an organization-wide platform. It is not uncommon for developments to get stuck in the test phase and never be consistently implemented.

Together with you, we evaluate your current situation, uncover weaknesses and activate potentials, so that you can already start to derive long-term benefits from your data-based assets, algorithms and software solutions during the crisis.

Issues that the Crisis has brought into Focus

How can I create reusable components from data science prototypes?

How do I get more out of my data in the long term?

What happens to the assets created during data science experiments?

How can I increase the efficiency of my data science team?

How can I prevent projects from ending in the test stage?

How can I accelerate data science projects?

We consider the following four Dimensions for Your Data Science Activities

The following four dimensions are considered for your data science activities.

A quick Procedure enables a quick Result

What are the Advantages of our Solution for You?

Using Data Science Tools efficiently
with the Solution “Use Data – To scale or not to scale?”

Our primary goal is to make your data science tools and programs reusable in order to significantly increase efficiency and speed in the development of future data products.

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